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* Summer School, evening and weekend enrichment classes:

Please note, these are held in a variety of venues. Please click here for details. 

College Classes

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POLICIES - to read our policies, which are shared with Big Creative Training - please click here

Learning Support

Support is available for all learners with educational, social or communication difficulties and young people with disabilities. If you have previously received support at school/college, please notify us during your initial interview. 

Our philosophy is that every one of our learners be given the opportunity to fulfil their potential during their time with Artemis College and Artemis Studios. 

We aim to support our learners to improve problem solving skills and build independence. We ensure they are granted the appropriate access arrangements and support during exams. 

To ensure the best outcome academically - every learner will have a personal tutor who will help them cope with workload, give them pathways and options to help with time management and achieving goals.


No one is left to struggle, and during core college hours, an approachable college manager is always on hand for help, support or advice. If a learner is finding written work hard, a tutor will be provided to support the learner through the modules during prep sessions at the end of each college day.


A SENco support officer is available through Big Creative Training - they will help with access and other support needs. If you have access arrangements in your current school or college, or an ECHP, please let us know at the time of applying. 

As an Artemis College student, you are also a Big Creative Training student, and we (Artemis) have the same policies in lace for our learners. We work in partnership to make your learning environment as positive as possible. To read any polices, click the link at the bottom of the page.


Artemis College offers a safe and confidential cunselling service to all learners who wish to talk to us about any worries, concerns or fears relating to their personal or academic lives. 

Additional Guidance

Our confidential Welfare and Guidance service is to support learners when liaising with other professionals, providing support with emergency finances and making any referrals to external organisations such as counselling, CAMHS or social services. 

Careers Advice

Your tutor and course managers will support you with all aspects of employment or university applications in your graduating year with us. 

Full time learners will have advice from specialist guest workshops with Royal Holloway University who can help with personal statements, UCAS applications, student finance. Artemis tutors will assist with selections of audition or portfolio work for those of you who go on to a drama or dance university. 

As part of the full time course - you will learn key industry business skills including invoicing and basic accounts, CV creation, web creation, seeking an agent or becoming a member of creative employment websites and managing you as a brand. 

After graduation - you will still have access to your tutor by email or phone if you need them. Gap year students can return for support in accepting or reapplying for deferred or delayed courses. 

Benefits and support

Artemis full time learners will receive an NUS Extra student card - giving you discounts in 100's of shops, restaurants, cinemas, theatres etc. 

You may also be eligible for he following help;

  • 16-18 Bursary Fund

  • Childcare Support

  • Free School Meals

  • Travel costs

  • A personal support tutor (for learners with additional physical or communication needs)

Student Council

Your opinion matters! We have a student council with various events committees, who manage extra curricular events (such as theatre trips outside college time), but they also send a pair of representatives to the college board meetings every half a term. This gives them the chance to raise issues, report success and make suggestions and requests that make Artemis College an outstanding palce to learn.