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* Summer School, evening and weekend enrichment classes:

Please note, these are held in a variety of venues. Please click here for details. 

College Classes

CLASSES - Full Time College*






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Enrichment Options

College provides an opportunity to achieve qualifications, but you also have the chance to get so much more out of student life on and off campus. The following activities can be included (free) as part of your timetable when you enrol as a full time student:

Acting and Production

Medusa Young Company

Saturdays, 12-6pm

Musical Theatre, Acting, L.A.M.D.A, Trinity

One showcase and one full musical theatre show each year.

Can I join if I am not an Artemis College full time student?

Yes! You can audition for a place if one is available, and you are aged 15-21. Fees of £360 a term apply. 

Medusa Theatre Company for ambitious young adult (teenage) performers. Most company members have professional or amateur experience, and are in training for a career in performing and entry to vocational schools and university.


Entry into this company is by audition/workshop, the standard is very high. Keen beginners who are willing to work hard are also welcome. The company are friendly and supportive of each other. 

Acting and Musical theatre classes in Bracknell, Berkshire for talented performers aged 14 - 21 (or 13 with professional experience or if moving up from our Junior Company just before a 14th birthday). In 2018, the company will present two shows - Sweeney Todd (produced by Medusa Pro) and 'Ghost Station' at the Kenton Theatre (rehearsals from January 2018). Ghost Station is presented with Junior Theatre Company and Adult Acting company members. In 2019 they will work with the National Theatre Connections, and on a production of Addams Family Values or Little Shop Of Horrors (members will choose their own show in Autumn 2018). 

Medusa rehearse on Saturday afternoons, and have their own production company (with a guest professional theatre company) on Thursday nights as Medusa Pro (optional extra class at no cost to students). They also mentor younger Junior company members, and will produce the free 2018 summer school for younger performers. 

In winter term they take group, solo and duo exams in Acting and Musical Theatre to build their UCAS. They end term with a showcase of their exam work (which may be individual pieces, or a whole show such as Christmas Carol). They have 100% pass rates in all their exams, with 98% gainig a merit or distinction.

Medusa will be appearing in the London New Year Parade for January 1st 2019

Medusa graduates have gone on to most of the top drama and dance schools, and we have two BAFTA winners in our alumni! 

Medusa Pro

Thursdays, 6pm-8pm

Producing, Directing, Business & Events Management

Musical Theatre, Acting, L.A.M.D.A, Trinity

One showcase, one full musical theatre show and one free summer school for 4-14's produced each year.

Can I join if I am not an Artemis College full time student?

Yes! If you are a member of Medusa Young Company - membership is free. You need to be a member of either Medusa or Artemis College to work with Medusa Pro.  

Medusa Pro is the production arm of Medusa Young Company. 

Run by Omni Theatre Company, with their guest specialists, the weeks alternate between production work for Artemis current shows and events, and rehearsals for duos or solos for the shows. In winter term, this also includes additional L.A.M.D.A duo/solo tuition. 

We work towards shows, events and qualifications, as well as giving a thorough grounding in the essentials. We can help build CV's ready for University and college applications using links with local and national theatre companies and casting directors, as well as our own agency. We also help prepare for university and dance/drama school auditions at Medusa Pro on Thursday evenings. 

Members of Medusa Pro produce, direct and choreograph school shows (as assoicates), as well as marketing design and technical aspects. All are mentored in their area of interest by a specialist who is appointed for them. 

Dance Companies

Artemis Elite - Stunt Cheer Squad

Wednesdays, 7.30pm-9.30pm

First Sunday each month 6.30pm-8pm (in the gym)

The team is a Level 2 stunt sqaud.

We also have three stunt groups at Level 2 & 3. 

National Champions Senior Co-Ed Level 2 stunt 2017.

Can I join if I am not an Artemis College full time student?

Yes! You can audition over summer at free boot camps. We also see a small number of athletes in September and October. If you are not a full time Artemis College student, fees of £45 a month apply (12 months). 

Stunt Cheer - traditional cheerleading (no pom poms though!) with stunt work. DANCE AND GYMNASTICS.


Taught by coach Gemah Sanger, who has more than 20 years cheer experience, and is a qualified Master cheer tutor. She runs classes with tight discipline, but a lot of fun and team building. Maximum of 21 members, but usually 16 (this group is by audition - you must be able to dance OR be good with gymnastics, and willing to get good in both!). We are unable to accept anyone who is not either a dancer or gymnast. 


Stunt cheer is very gymnastic and requires skill, dedication and a desire to win

Elite train on Wednesday evenings (main team) and on the first Sunday of each month in a gym, so they can polish tumbling skills, stunt group work and practice on a fully sprung floor.

Elite will be appearing in the London New Year Parade for January 1st 2019

Elite compete at least twice a year - at regional 'warm ups' and National events. Stunt and solo sub teams also go to winter competitions. 

You will need to purchase a custom uniform, cheer shoes and pay for entry into competitions (around £30 per entry). 

Artemis Phoenix - Hip Hop Crew

Thursdays, 8pm-9.30pm

The team is senior Hip Hop crew (15-adult).

Can I join if I am not an Artemis College full time student?

Yes! You can audition in class. We can see a small number of Dancers in each week in class until February (this is the cut off for summer competition entry)If you are not a full time Artemis College student, fees of £112.50 a term apply. 

Award winning senior competitive dance company specialising in commercial Hip Hop. Entry by audition. Dancers must be ADVANCED LEVEL and be 15 or older.

This company compete at National level,as well as large music festivals, occasional paid & unpaid work (over 16s) on music videos and public events (such as The Marvellous Festival) throughout Berkshire. We are looking for stamina, flexibility, hard work, great attitude and a competitive spirit - this is not a fitness class, it is a rehearsal for a championship team aiming for even bigger world wins. We develop talent. If you have it, we want you, and will push you hard. Over 20's accepted if they have sufficient ability/training. 

Phoenix will be appearing inthe London New Year Parade for January 1st 2019

Phoenix compete at least twice a year - at regional 'warm ups' and National events. They also work with the younger Artemis JV crew once a year as Phoenix Fusion - a blended crew for Lift Off at South Hill Park. 

You will need to purchase a custom costume and pay for entry into competitions (around £15-30 per entry).